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If you are using UC Browser For Android Phone, this question must have risen on your head at least once. Actually, after its worldwide popularity, UC browser pays more attention to its features and outlook than its security. Whereas, security should be the center of your focus. Especially, when you are working with the internet.UC Browser for android phone


UC browser is basically known for its speed and low data usage. You can literally open pages, download, listen to music and do a lot more tasks at the same time without expecting your internet to slow down. But lately, it is losing its charm and you get stuck with a lot of problems with this browser.


Let’s Find Out What People Are Talking About UC Browser…

UC Browser For Android


Before we begin our conversation, I must tell you that I am a regular user of this browser since last 5 years. During the initial stage, I was totally happy with its download speed and eye-catching icons.

Now I found out certain glitches in the browser while using it on Android phones. You also must have experienced all these issues in case you are using UC Browser For Android Phone.

  • AD Blocker doesn’t work well
  • The existence of Trojan, Malware, and Adware
  • Unwanted features that are of no use to the users
  • This browser sends a lot of unwanted notifications
  • Logjam, FREAK and POODLE vulnerability noticed in UC Browser
  • ASD hacked UC Browser in 2015 and defected smartphones with spyware
  • Leaks sensitive IMSI, IMEI, Android ID, user’s geolocation and WiFi data
  • It literally forces its users to use its Lockers, Battery Optimizer, and Cleaners apps


Keep These In Mind Before Using UC Browser For Android Phone…

After knowing all these things, you must be thinking if it is actually secured enough to use UC Browser for Android Phone or not. But there is always a solution to a problem. The WebMasters have revealed a few security measures that you should take before browsing.

UC Browser For Android

  • Download the lower version
  • Try disabling the Auto Save feature
  • Never save your data while logging in
  • Avoid logging into banking from this browser
  • Don’t make any kind of online transactions from here
  • Try to avoid logging into your social accounts from UC Browser
  • Use another alternative browser and change all your passwords which are saved

All these safety measures can save you from the unnecessary problems that you may face for choosing UC Browser For Android Phone to access the internet. So follow the instructions and get rid of future troubles.

Are The New Features Really Attractive?

UC Browser For Android

UC Browser is still one of the fast and user-friendly browsers that I have ever come across. But I just don’t understand what is it trying to prove by bringing such unnecessary features into action.

Like the News Homepage, UC Music Player, the quick access bar etc, they have no such extra use. In spite of introducing them, it could bring a bit more security for the users.

Even UC Browser forces us to install some of its Battery Optimizer and Cleaner apps. They appear on your screen every time you try to open a page. This is really annoying when you don’t want to use them at all. Once it removes all these hindrances, UC will definitely be loved by a huge number of people.

Reach Us…

UC Web and the Owner Group Alibaba are not at all taking care of our safety measures. They only focus on offering various features which are not enough for this technology modified world. So be a bit more concerned today and place your security on the top.

If you are a user of UC Browser For Android Phone and this post must have been useful to you. Share your views with us and contact our UC Browser Support team at +1-888-613-3778 or through Online Chat for all kind of help related to UC Browser.