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Opera Touch 1.0 is the newest version of Opera Mini App that gives you a faster and lighter experience. But unfortunately, it didn’t remove the glitches of this app. It is one of the most popular web browsers introduced worldwide. Just like every other browser, you will go through a few problems while using Opera Mini.

Opera Mini App

We use browsers to get a faster access to the internet. That is the basic job of any browser to bring the websites closer to your vision with low data usage and high-security measures. It becomes very problematic for us if we find our browsers giving us unnecessary troubles.


Stuck With Your Opera Mini App?

Suppose, you are trying to open a page that is important for your work, but it keeps on loading. Finally, it comes up with an error message indicating that you don’t have access to this page.

In another case, you are downloading something with the Opera Mini App and eagerly waiting for the download to complete. Suddenly, it gets canceled on its own and disappoints you completely. These are the unavoidable situations that you have to deal with.

Opera Mini Not Opening?

You install the app and click on the Opera icon. But this doesn’t show any URL bar or content. It just shows the blank screen. And after a while, it says “unable to connect, please review your network settings”. Even if your router is working fine, it says the same thing.

Pages Won’t Load…

Opera Mini App

You have clicked on a link that is important to you. It loads for the first few seconds and then stops. You have to long press it or open it in a new tab to open the page. This takes a much longer time than you expect.

Popup Blocker Doesn’t Work…

You have enabled the popup blocker from your Opera Mini App browser. But still, some of the pages do not load and show a message that you don’t have the authority to visit this page. This takes away your permission to enter your desired website.

App Crashing…

Opera Mini App

Opera Mini App keeps crashing frequently. Every application tends to face this app crashing issue. Thus, this creates inconveniences in usage and can destroy your device as well.


Let’s Find The Way Out…

You must have tried a lot of things before to cut off your glitches, but didn’t find the exact result. I must tell you that the random solutions that you try may lead your device to a worse condition. So, before trying anything else, here are some tricks that worked well with me when I was facing such issues. You can also try them and check if they are giving you the positive result.

Opera Mini App

Solution 1:

  1. Open your Opera Mini App
  2. Click on the settings option
  3. Tap on the Advanced settings
  4. Clock on protocol
  5. Now choose any HTTP in spite of Sock/HTTP
  6. Save it and check if it’s working

Solution 2:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Click on settings
  3. Select Applications
  4. Now Manage Applications
  5. Tap on the Opera Mini application
  6. Choose “clear cache” or “clear data”

Solution 3:

Delete some WiFi finder, analyzing, mapping etc apps. Perhaps, they have contradictory interfaces with Opera’s connection ability.

Solution 4:

If you are still not able to find the solution to your problem, uninstall the application. Now download and install it again from the App Store.


Get A Better Internet Access With Opera Mini…

Well, these are the basic steps that might solve half of your problems. But doesn’t mean that they will be useful all the time. There are times when you have to take help from a technical expert. Because they know exactly what your problems require. Simply connect with the Opera Support at +1-888-613-3778 or visit our website for Online Chat Support and they will tell you what you should do next.